Alpha and Omega

Chapter 1 (by me)

Pairing: Louis Tomlinson/Harry Styles

Read this to learn about the alpha and omega dynamics

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“Louis, wake up!”

Louis mumbled a soft ‘no’ and wrapped the fluffy blankets around his tiny frame.

“Lou, I’m serious! It’s your first day!”

“If I don’t go today, tomorrow can be my first day!” Louis shouted back. Going to a new school was always hard, but what was he to do? Tell his father not to accept the higher ranking and better paying job he’d been offered and potentially ruin his family’s chance for a better life?

Hell no.

But that didn’t mean he had to like it. He was oddly stubborn for an omega. He liked to think it was because he had rules and standards to live by, but really, he just needed an excuse to get out of things like this.

“Louis, if you don’t get up now, I’ll call your father!” His mum shouted again.

Louis groaned and sat up in his bed. The last thing he needed was his father using his ‘alpha’ voice to push him around.

“I’m up!” he called to her. He pushed the covers off and rubbed his eyes. He stood and stretched, moaning when he felt the kinks in his back even out. He glanced at the school uniform hanging on his closet door and glowered at it.

This was his third new school in the last two years. The first time he moved was because his Mum wanted him to have a better education, thus moving him to a better school.

He stayed in that school for almost a year before an alpha tried to forcibly mate him after Louis had gone into his first ever heat in the middle of the boys restroom. Though Louis hadn’t gone through heat before, his Mum had briefed him on it and, embarrassingly enough, told him how to get through it without a knot. Nobody really knew/cared that he was an omega, but half his classmates were alphas, so there was no way he could go to his next class.

Just imagining people he hardly liked growling and fighting over who would be the one to knot him, made Louis uncomfortable. He honestly had no idea that Matt, one of the better known alphas in school, was in the restroom with him. By the time he realized it, Matt had already caught the scent of his pheromones and the urge to knot was too strong. Louis didn’t really blame him. He knew what the scent of an omega in heat could do to and alpha, but that didn’t mean he wanted Matt to knot him.

Louis had fought him off, scratching and hissing at him, resisting his nature to give in and just take it. He ran into the hall, shirt ripped and skin shiny with sweat. Looking back he knew he panicked and probably shouldn’t have run into the hall between classes, when the hall was packed with students, and most of all, other alphas. The second they caught his scent, everything froze. The only thing he could think was to run. Run, run, run.

Thankfully, he lived a lot closer to this school than he did to his old one, so he made it home in no time. Though Louis had taken the week of to suffer through his heat without a knot, he was way too mortified to go back to that school and face everyone. So after a long talk with his parents, his mum bought him heat suppressants and his dad set out to look for a new school for him.

The school after that wasn’t too bad. Louis had a few friends, but no one too close who’d be worth missing.

And now he was going to Cromwell Prep with its bloody tie and jacket uniforms.

He showered and took about fifteen minutes to put his tie on correctly, before his Mum called him down for breakfast.

He glanced at the cardboard boxes around him and shrugged. He could finish unpacking after school. He bounded down the stairs, which still took some getting used to, and skipped into the kitchen, pecking his mum on the cheek.

She smiled as she took in his appearance. “Well, don’t you look handsome?”

Louis pulled his tie and made a gagging noise. His mum slapped his arm and handed him a plate of food.

“Eat quickly. You need to get there early to get your schedule.”

Louis groaned and slowly lifted the toast to his mouth. He bit into it and chewed in slow motion.

“Lou, seriously. You have about fifteen minutes before I drag you to the car, whether you finish you breakfast or not.”


Louis ended up not finishing his breakfast and his mum ended up dragging him to the car.

On the drive to school, Louis sulked and stared out the window like a forlorn princess. Louis bit back a whine as his mum explained what he had to do when he got to the school.

“-and don’t let anyone push you around - unless it’s an alpha, then you’ve got no choice - but anyone else has no control over you, love.”

“So, if an alpha wanted to mate me, I just say yes? Great lesson, Mum,” Louis said sarcastically.

“Louis, that was one time. Plus you’ve got your suppressants now,” Mum pointed out. “It’s not going to happen again.”

“You don’t know that. Maybe I’m just too irresistible” Louis pulled a face at her.

“That’s definitely not the case.”


Louis trudged past the gates. He trudged down the hall. He paused at a school map and continued his trudging, all the way to the main office.

The lady at the desk looked like she’d give anything to be anywhere else and Louis could relate.

She handed him his schedule and loads of other papers, half of which Louis knew were irrelevant. She told him his first class had already started (Louis trudging made him late) and that she would ask the principal to escort him to class. She also said that his tie was crooked.

He waited patiently for the principal to finish chatting with whoever was in his office. He tried to strike up a conversation with the woman at the desk, but one ‘how are you’ from Louis got no response, so Louis knew better than to try again.

The principal finally came out of his office and smiled brightly at Louis.

“You must be Louis, then. Sorry about the wait. The Board wanted me to clear some things about a student,” the principal explained.

“No, it’s fine, Sir. I wasn’t waiting too long,” Louis said politely.

The principal grinned and glanced at the clock. “Well, you’ve got about half an hour left of your first class, so let’s not waste any more time.”

He motioned for Louis to follow him and Louis fumbled around to gather all his things. He wasn’t too nervous about the class, rather than he was about the classmates.

What if they all hated him?

What if they didn’t like male omegas?

What if he made no friends and had to eat his lunch in the loos’ like he’d seen in movies?

What if-

“Fix your tie, lad,” the principal’s voice brought him out of his worries. But his worries came back when he noticed that they had already reached the classroom. Louis pulled his tie a little, hoping it would be enough to satisfy.

It was, as the principal gave him a nod. “Come on, then.” He didn’t wait for Louis to respond as he opened the door and stepped inside.

The class’s chattering stopped and the teacher cut himself off mid-sentence. The principal said something to him and the teacher smiled reassuringly at Louis. The principal clapped him on the back once and walked out the door.

The teacher clapped his hands together and grinned at his class. “This, everyone, is Louis Tomlinson. He’ll be joining our class for the rest of the year.”

Louis could feel everyone’s stare burning into him and he kept his eyes on the ground. He wasn’t usually shy, but being in front of strangers while they stared and whispered at him made him fidget in his place.

He could hear murmurs and whispers and he finally got himself to look up. He smiled tentatively at the wide eyed students. He glanced at their faces and paused at one particular person.

Curly, unruly hair and massive, green eyes. He was sitting in the back corner next to a tan boy with jet black hair. Curly was staring right into Louis eyes and Louis suddenly felt violated. It felt like he was staring right through him.

He winked and Louis felt his cheeks heat up and he knew he was blushing, as the boy smirked at him.

“I’m Mr. Richards, by the way,” the teacher introduced himself. “Why don’t you take a seat, yeah? Anywhere is fine.”

Immediately there were students shuffling around, taking their bags off the empty chairs next to them, and making space for Louis. They all stared at him expectantly all hoping the new pretty boy would sit next to them.

Louis cleared his throat awkwardly and opted for the seat in the back middle table, next to a boy with blonde hair.

But the second he reached the front of the table, he heard a low growl come from the side and he stopped in his tracks. He glanced at Curly, who stared back at him expectantly. Curly gave his tan friend a look and the boy shrugged and moved to the seat next to the blonde boy, who turned slightly pink.

He was a little taken aback. He turned back to Curly, who stared right into his eyes and patted the seat with his hand. Louis felt his omega taking over and he knew what the meant.

This boy was an alpha.

Louis sighed and gave in to his nature of submissiveness. He moved and sat down next to the alpha boy. There was only fifteen minutes of class left, so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad.

Evidently, he was wrong.

The alpha boy seemed insistent on talking to Louis, which Louis normally wouldn’t mind, but the boy was asking him very invasive questions.

It started out fine, just them introducing themselves.

“I’m Harry,” the alpha boy told him.

“Louis. But I guess you already knew that,” Louis chuckled awkwardly.

“So, you’re an omega?” Harry asked.

“Erm, yeah. I am,” Louis replied.

Harry smirked.

“Have you ever been knotted, then?”

Louis gaped. He opened his mouth and closed it again, choosing to say nothing.

Harry didn’t like that.

He frowned and grasped Louis arm, pulling him closer. He leaned in and whispered in Louis ear, “Answer me when I speak to you, omega.

Harry growled at the end and Louis couldn’t help his nature. He ignored the heat on his cheeks as he answered Harry’s question.

“N-no. I’ve never been knotted,” Louis lowered his voice near the end, feeling a bit scandalized.

Harry smirked and leaned back in his chair. “Well, maybe I can change that.”


Class went on and Harry didn’t ask Louis anything else. In fact, he didn’t even speak to Louis after that.

But Louis could feel Harry staring, he could see Harry’s big eyes raking over Louis form. It made him feel weirdly tingly inside and Louis had no idea what to do.

So, when the bell rang, and class was dismissed, Louis made a mad dash down the hall, only slowing down when he was sure he was as far away from Harry as possible.

He figured that since he already in the hall, he should look for his locker. He pulled out the papers the lady had given to him and flipped through them until he found the sheet with his classes on it. In the top corner, it listed his locker number and code.

He walked further down the hall until he found the right number.

He’d actually never had a locker before. His other schools always offered the textbooks from the library.

He had no idea how to work the lock and the sheet offered no instruction, so Louis was left to fend for himself.


Louis muttered lowly as he fumbled with the locker combination.

It was his fourth try and he’d messed up yet again. He wasn’t worried about getting to his second class. He was new. He could say he got lost.

Right now, he was more determined to figure this out. He turned to the left and entered the first number again. Six, four, seven, T-

“Need help?”

Louis tensed as the heavy breath blew on the back of his neck. The deep voice made him shiver and then there were arms wrapped around his waist, pressing him flush against the body behind him.

“No, I’m fine, but thanks anyway, Harry.” Louis replied. He tried to wriggle out of Harry’s grasp, but Harry tightened his hold.

“Yes, you do,” Harry let go of him and took the sheet from Louis in one hand and started entering the combination with the other. Since Harry’s arms were occupied, Louis tried to step away to get some space, but Harry crowded closer until his hips were pressed to Louis bum and Louis could feel a massive bulge against his arse.

He wasn’t sure what to do (he wasn’t even sure if he really minded this) but even if he did try to get away, Harry was an alpha.

Harry continued to enter the code, resting his head on Louis and Louis realized just how tall Harry was. There was a soft clicking sound and Harry moved them back slightly to open the locker.

“Well, there you go,” Harry’s breath hit blew against the back of his neck again and Louis could practically hear Harry’s smirk.

“Um, thank you,” Louis mumbled. He waited for Harry to leave but Harry’s arms were around his waist again and his face was pressed into Louis hair. They stood like that for a while, Harry breathing in Louis smell and Louis maybe slightly enjoying it.

After maybe a few minutes, Louis decided to break the silence.

“Aren’t you late to second class?”

“Yes,” Harry stated.

“You should go then,” Louis urged. As much as he was enjoying this, his mum would kill him if he missed his own class.

Harry didn’t move an inch. “What’s the rush? We’re already late.”

“Well, we shouldn’t be any later than we already are,” Louis responded.

Harry exhaled into Louis hair and let go of Louis, stepping away from him. Louis took the opportunity to stuff some things into his locker and grabbing his things. He glanced at the paper that was still in Harry’s hand. He hadn’t even glanced at where his second class was.

“Can I have the paper back?” Louis asked, holding out his hand, but Harry made no move to give it to him.

“I’ll take you to your next class,” Harry declared.

“Oh. Y-you don’t have to do that,” Louis stammered out.

“I want to. We have the same class anyway, so it’s not like it’s a hassle.” Harry took Louis bag from him, ignoring his protests, and wrapped their hands together.

“Shall we?” Harry grinned. He didn’t wait for a response as he dragged Louis down the hall.

Louis had no idea what he’d gotten himself into.

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